MTM R8 V10 Exhaust

The Audi R8 conveys pure driving passion, however this is sometimes just not enough and a little more exhilaration is needed. The aim of our development team was to extend the customers emotional appeal to this high performance coupe. The result: A new breathtaking uncompromised experience in high performance motoring with mtm engine enhancements motoring with mtm engine enhancements and upgrades added to an exhilarating powerful sound which commands respect from other standard production models.

The mtm exhaust systems are developed and tested to achieve the maximum flow-rate and efficiency while at the same time keeping within exhaust emissions levels, a solution that fascinates with its manufacturing quality, design, function and sound. Exhaust systems from mtm represent innovative exhaust technology,  handmade to perfection in high quality polished stainless steel to ensure durability..

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