1.9TDI 96 kW (130 hp) front, AWX; AVF;
Item Description Code Installation Time
163 HP 120 kW Modified MTM-motronic computer with improved max. torque 350 Nm  M-PAS130163FX Amount of work about 1,5 Std.
Various: In cars with automatic transmission additional modified electric transmission with max. torque about 360 Nm  M-PASGETAMD  
Brakes: Rimset MTM "bimoto" wheel in the dimension 8,5 x 19" ET 35 LK 5x112 design: shiny further variants:titanium and diamond - cut M-FBK85935512S  
Suspension: Set MTM-Spacers 30mm (qty 4) incl. wheel screws  M-MTM015KUG  
Various: MTM - Chrome logo (plastic) MTM-LOGO-CHROME