Continental GT
6.0 l W12 411 kW (560 hp), 
Item Description Code Installation Time
635 HP 467 kW Modified MTM-motronic computer improved max torque about 780 Nm MBCGT560635QX Amount of work about 2 Std.
650 HP 478 kW Modified MTM-motronic computer improved max torque about 795 Nm with middle and rear silencers incl. throttle valve MBCGT560650QX Amount of work about 5 Std.
Exhaust: MTM - exhaust system Bentley Continental GT cat backl middle and rear silencers with throttle valves M-BCGTAGA60BQS Amount of work about 4 Std.
Exhaust: MTM - 4-pipe rear optic Bentley Continental GT for the MTM exhaust system; also for standard exhaust system. Rear bumper part primed not painted. M-BCGTHSU4 Amount of work about 3 Std.
Brakes: MTM-Brembobrake 412x38mm front brake disks includes Brakes Disks grooved, stainless steel breaklines, 6-Piston Brembo-Caliper, add-on-parts M-BCGTBRE412VN Amount of work about 3,5 Std.
Brakes: MTM-Brembobrake Bentley GT 355x28mm rear brake disks+B31 M-BCGTBRE355VN Amount of work about 2,5 Std.
Suspension: F-Cantronic Bentley Continental GT for air suspension front 35 mm/rear 25 mm M-BCGTFCT-35/25 Amount of work about 3 Std.
Brakes: Rimset MTM "bimoto" wheel in the dimension 10,5 x 21" ET 35 LK 5x112 design: diamond cut further variants: shiny M-FBK2135512D  
Suspension: Set MTM-Spacers 30mm (qty 4) incl. wheel screws  M-MTM015KUG  
Various: Set Lower chrome grills Bentley Flying Spur, 3 pieces M-BCGTZG-CHR Amount of work about 0,5 Std.
Various: MTM - Chrome logo (plastic) MTM-LOGO-CHROME