996 Turbo
3.6l B6 309 kW (420 hp), 
Item Description Code Installation Time
462 HP 340 kW Modified MTM-motronic computer improved max. torque about 655 Nm.  MP96420462QX Amount of work about 2 Std.
500 HP 368 kW Like 462 HP version with additional MTM stainless steel exhaust system with metal catalyst; improved max. torque about 690 Nm MP96420500QX Amount of work about 5 Std.
550 HP 405 kW Like 500 HP version with changed turbochargers; improved max torque about 720 Nm. MP96420550QX Amount of work about 8 Std.
Exhaust: MTM exhaust system Porsche 996 Turbo with 100 CPI catalysts for installation with original tailpipes. M-P96AGA36BQS Amount of work about 3.5 Std.
Equipment: Stronger clutch kit for Porsche 996 Turbo including stronger pressure blade and organic clutch disc. M-P996KUPB60 Amount of work about 24 Std.
Various: MTM - Chrome logo (plastic) MTM-LOGO-CHROME