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August Horch (1868-1951)

August Horch began producing vehicles with Karl Benz prior to 1899, after which he began building vehicles under his own name, August Horch & Cie. In 1909, after disputes with shareholders, he departed from his company and founded Audi, which is the latin translation of his surname. Meanwhile, the production of the Horch automobiles continued without their founder using his name.

Horch was instrumental in continuing the growth of Audi as a company and on the race track. During World War I, the direction of Audi switched to producing vehicles for the military.

As was the case for most automotive companies, times were changing and becoming increasingly difficult to stay competitive and stay in business. In 1932, due to financial problems, Horch sold Audi. It became part of Auto Union. Auto Union was comprised of Horch, Das Kleine Wunder, Audi and Wanderer. The current Audi four-ring logo is the Auto Union logo. The Union was essential to continue production of automobiles while providing financial support necessary to fuel automotive racing and technology.

When World War II began, production of Horch Automobiles ceased.

We, at horchaus, believe that the influence of August Horch is still present today and motivates us to 'build only strong, good cars'.

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horchaus is a business characterized by both passion and excellence. Its main mission is to push the limits of daily-driving pleasure for performance automobile enthusiasts. While providing large cylinder performance, horchaus maintains a focus on the environment by offering a means of low consumption.

Through a philosophy where driving pleasure is a reflection of self, horchaus offers "tuning" solutions for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Bentley and Lamborghini. Suggested modifications improve road handling as well as the general performance of your vehicle.

Our installation experts: Audi Lauzon in Laval, and OpenRoad Audi in Vancouver, the most competent teams in North America, are complemented by the skills of MTM - Motoren Technik Mayer, international leader in engine development and automotive engineering, known for their collaboration with major auto manufacturers.

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